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Modelos sexo gay


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[Thursday, October 19] … it was nineteen (19) hours and a restless crowd waited around of a metal runway made in serial plans. Then the lights went out and he walked out with a pompous coat of feathers, outlined in his eyes, without hesitation and a high intimidating gaze.

Escándalo en Bcapital 2017

Murmurs were heard … faces of amazement were seen … one after another handsome man appeared … the “Queer Movement” made his presentation adorning the night and more than bright clothing or “sado” accessories was his colorful boldness what caused the surprise to the crowd; it was about PAPI brand from the creators of JuanStudios.

Moda Gay Colombia

Arte y diseño gay en Bogotá

Limits…? Who invented them? … would it be society, a secret sect or a medieval wizard? Whatever the answer, I think it does not matter anymore because on the runway they showed that men can wear metal clothes, use make-up with crystals on their faces, body stocking and even high heels without having to be on Halloween and without losing masculinity.

Moda Queer en Bogotá

#ayPapiBoys broke that limits, reaching a high level of acceptance never before seen in Latin America with an – artistical – dictatorship … nowadays the people really want more than buying attractive clothes, they are looking for experiences and sensations. More than a brand, Papi is a movement that many people identify with themselves and like it; people that are not afraid to show who they are.

Moda Gay Colombia

Homosexuales en Colombia

I don’t consider myself as a “Papi-Queer” but I defend this esthetic way because it has bases from the art, a reason for being and promoting social changes to discard prejudices and understand that if your neighbor dresses beautifully and adorned himself instead of criticizing or insult him you should rather worry about improving something about you and you should be interested in decorating your defects leaving him to live his life and allow him to use the power that few people still preserve … “Freedom”.

Homosexuales en Colombia

Congratulations to the Papi creators Gustavo Lozano and Viviana Blanco for carrying out this revolution full of joy and spectacle held in the Bcapital event. Surely Bcapital 2017 would not have been the same without PAPI. ¡ Hey Papi you are here !

Drag Queen Show Bogotá

Moral Tuition:
“Just as fashion changes in each season, please change your mind to understand reality of life.”

Photography:  @_gapo  –  @cda.pix  –  @juanfection  –  @juanfelipe.visualclick  –  @papi.boys