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La Confianza y Autoestima Hombres


Text: Ferch     Ph: Kristopher Fuentes

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Last week I went to the cinema to entertain myself a little and it was one of those movies that when you “play” the trailer you don’t doubt at all to run to the nearest cinema to see it. “I feel pretty” is a funny film that caught my attention from the first moment, because of its theme of the cliché of “inner beauty” in the makeup and fashion industry, developed in the New York of dreams.

Cómo ser sexy y guapo?

Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) is a plus size average girl who works hidden in an alternate office for a prestigious brand of luxury cosmetics based in New York. She perceives herself as an unattractive chubby woman, and all she wants is to be like the tall and thin girl in the gym (Emily Ratajkowski) the place that Renee goes to fight her extra weight daily; an unexpected stormy night she makes a wish and the next day she suffers a fall from the spinning bike that changes her life. Upon waking, Renee now looks at the mirror “extravagantly beautiful” … that’s right, just for hitting her head, ha ha ha! (Those crazy things are what I love about that kind of movies).

Handsome and Sexy Guys

On one occasion I wrote in this blog about “swallow the attitude pill” to go out of home if we felt ashamed or afraid for something or someone; unfortunately, that high-dose pill is not able to buy in supermarkets or pharmacies,. we can acquire it when we get to know ourselves sufficiently to want to show the world how much we are worth.

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In the case of Renee, she had a distorted image of herself, feeling that her body was wrong and that she had to slim down to “fit” into the ideal girl model and thus achieve a “perfect” life on a personal level and in that long-awaited beauty enterprise; The antithesis of Renee is Avery (Michelle Williams) who is the granddaughter of Mrs. LeClaire, owner of the company; Avery physically is beautiful, glamorous and fulfills the supposed ideal prototype, but being delegated as vice president feels intimidated without being able to assume a leadership role due to her weird-off voice, having the same internal problem of insecurity as Renee; This let’s us see that there really is no person with the so called “complete package” and that beauty doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Editorial de Moda - Blog Masculino

That hit on her head gives her the confidence that she needed to feel sexy without having to change her appearance but after crashing against the glass of a bathtub, she returns to her previous state of mind. Finally Renee understands that physically she was always the same and then she chooses to change what was really wrong … her mind and her level of self-esteem.

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In a world so “instagrammable” where is very difficult to distinguish the reality of the filter is hard to accept and be ourselves. In my case, I’ve been trying to get to know myself for years and defining my own concept of who I am (the one opinión that matters the most); sometimes I fail but I try to improve daily; It hasn’t been a short journey, I conclude that the key to that acceptance is to get to self-discover and be proud of being different from each other with our qualities and defects.

And what concept do you have for yourself?

Moral Tuition:
“Swallow an Attitude Pill and let’s be sexy by decision, not by accident”

Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer)


Photography: Special Thanks to Kristopher Fuentes

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