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Moda y estilo de vida masculino


Por: Ferch

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To respond again to: what do I wear today…?, that dilemma that will never disappear and is the prelude to any event, in this editorial I bring you a modern, elegant and daring outfit to wear the day that an unexpected business appointment appears unexpected. I propose the edition of this “outfit” for a hot weather occasion that merits something “chic” without using blazer or jacket.

Better Male Fashion Outfits

Does dressing matter …? The question remains, at least that’s something I do take caring… My mom used to tell me that the choice of our outfit is as important as punctuality and that it will reflect the level of respect we have for ourselves and the value that we will give to the meeting with other people. A few days ago I remembered it when my mother so excitedly prepared in advance the set of clothes and accessories that she would wear for a presentation at the school where she is a director and teacher; Not only intellectual preparation is enough, everything is a complement and the personal presentation will show how seriously we take the stuff.

Moda y estilo elegante de vestir masculino

Regarding this outfit, it was a choice that I thought for my readers, those who once asked me for advice to dress in a special situation; also for those who wanted to see the refined version of myself. I share a really comfortable and functional look that surely will not go out of style.

While revealing a red color socks under a cropped pants is the trend of this moment, I think it’s something we can wear tomorrow, next year, in ten years, etc. We dictate the end of the trends, is an individual matter; A pant with a side line is another basic of great appreciation, in pearl gray and simple fabric will justify a place in the closet to combine it with whatever you want.

Outfit elegante y moderno para hombres

I continue talking about a very cool and lightweight short sleeve sweater, also in linear design and turtleneck woven fabric that gives it a sophisticated touch, it’s the ideal garment for a high temperature climate when we don’t want to wear a blazer; A sweater like this is more appropriate than a polo when we are looking for an elegant dressing code.

Moda masculina para cita de negocios elegante

Now is time for the accessories, first the shoes; having to take care of the selection in detail, I edited the outfit with black velvet soft tassels, these essential “loafers” you never know when they might be needed. Then the sunglasses and the watch, those unique objects as a fine male coquettishness that are part of the “branding” or personal mark, complements chosen in neutral colors (black – gray) so as not to subtract sobriety from the subject.

Luxury Men's Leather Portfolio Bag

In the end there is the best, what you can never forget in a business meeting that is respected, a magnificent black briefcase; whether in leather or not, it’s a very practical accessory to carry your devices, folders and papers in the most organized way; I chose one that I carried walking so happy through the streets and was a worthy object of admiration.

Moral Tuition:
Being clear the teaching of the article, today Mother’s Day I reply:
Thank you Mom, I think you did it very well … Thank you for educating me, thank you for inspiring me. Happy day to all the mothers; They are our beautiful flowers … let’s never stop cultivating them.


Photography: My special thanks to the Greatest Friends Jenner & Yudis.

Look:  Diesel Mr. V Briefcase Bag  :::  River Island Light Sweater  :::  Zara Cropped Pant  :::  RayBan Sunglasses  :::  ALDO Mccrery Shoes  :::