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La moda de los 70's


By: Camilo Guerrero Villegas

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The expiration in fashion, is one of the factors that remind us how this cultural expression has a direct relation with death, understood of course how once a collection is presented that has not even finished when you have to think about the next collection and with it in a few months to bury in “apparent oblivion” an effort of one look that has to be replaced by another. This dynamic has accelerated even more, with the appropriation and success of business models of “fast fashion” many of us have reduced that period of expiration between one garment and another.

Donde comprar ropa de segunda mano

Under this premise how can be understood a second life of the garments, where the ownership of it passes from hand to hand, without this supposes a renunciation of style while prolonging the useful life of it, it can also be an exercise of ecological conscience while the fashion industry already holds the first position as the most polluting industry globally.

Moda Masculina de los 90's

Now the debate between consumer habits, the interesting thing is to look around another type of path capable of giving us another type of tools where the expiration of the clothes stops being instantaneous, and suddenly see how those who bet on garments second-hand, vintage, or even companies like ECOALF that thanks to the technology are able to offer garments with a textile development from plastic waste and with it manage to minimize the environmental impact in the chain of this great global macro industry.

Estilo hombres jóvenes en la calle

If we look locally, Colombia does have some bets of this kind, one example would be the markets or fairs to find second-hand things, although perhaps they haven’t escalated in notoriety but for that reason it would not be worth discarding them, as well as those voices in terms of aesthetic proposals related to sustainability processes, the aesthetic joy of a good vintage purchase, or the habit of many grandmothers when they customizing their own garments with needle and thread.

La importancia de la sostenibilidad en la moda

With this glance that evokes a second life of the garments, the reflection is open: would you sed clothes, vintage garment or would you transform something that is aging in your closet to dress it once again?…  Please share your opinion on comments!

Cómo era la moda en los 90's

Moral Tuition:
“The search for style is not linear, nor is fashion, so the possibilities are endless”


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