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In the world, the denim jacket (trucker jacket) is a classic known by most. The iconic original piece of 1905 really knows better than anyone the stories of those who once wore it on, because at 113 years old it’s still alive, witnessing the adventures of several generations.

Como crear un outfit con estilo

Is not surprising to find the trucker jacket inside the closets of our parents, grandparents or even in the famous flea markets; from its birth the denim jacket is transformed with the years beginning in a design of traditional blue washing to get plush in its neck and then even see on the denim appliques. Once a rebel rock taches were incorporated on the jacket and then its image was refreshed with patches of famous figures, cartoons and logos. Definitely the history of fashion couldn’t be conceived without the jean jacket.

Hombres vestir pañoleta o pañuelo

For the fashion industry a sign that an article is a successful trend is due to its popularization around the world, but here comes the questioning of all this: What happens when the versatility of a garment makes it a global phenomenon …? So we see it worn by neighbor at the corner, we see it several times dressed by someone at the supermarket or when we visit the most remote town on the face of the earth.

Como vestir el denim con estilo

I don’t know about you but I personally feel that then the clothes lose some of their charm because they go viral; the same thing happened to the black velvet hat and the red pattern scarf when they wore the necks and heads of million people. Before buying my trucker jacket I thought about the previous point, however the temptation won me the battle and I ended up buying it in online sale.

Outfit streetstyle chaquetas jean

I told myself that if I was going to wear the trucker jacket for this editorial post I would have to use it according to my own style, my unique way; Finally, whether they are saturated garments or not, these are important part of the street lifestyle. In my case I always try to be as original as possible when proposing an outfit and the main thing is that each of us project how different we are so we dress the same garment.

Moral Tuition
“There is no a golden key for clothing or life, the rules are made by each one”


Photography: @juanfelipe.visualclick

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