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Razas de Gatos


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Beginning this 2018, I wanted to go a little beyond what I am normally accustomed to tell you and I decide to make a fable about curiosities of my experiences; one of them is stamped on my next shirt, others were once hated and today they are the latest fashion trends on the streets; some are part of the secrets entrusted to my pillow that maybe one day I will reveal.

Qué está de moda

Thanks to an inner wish of live a completely fashion transformation this year I let myself be carried away by the most “street” trends of the moment; I present the first editorial post with a total look “Pijama”. I called it that way because on Sunday morning when I visited mi friend Juanfe to take this pictures he said: “Ferch … did you come in your pajamas or what?”

Camisas Diesel en Sale

Here I am wearing this adorable trend of “icon miniprint” where any repeated illustration can become the pattern of joy. About cats I must say that white, black, or mixed I think they are the best pet and I like them so much. I also believe in the mystical power that these creatures possess to ward off bad vibes and bring us good luck.

Bogotá Clásica La Candelaria

About the “baggy pants” type sweatpants I have everything and a lot to say. I remember meeting them when I was coursing the fourth year of primary school and they were not exactly my uniform for physical education. One day my mom came home with some sweatpants that she bought in the market and I dressed them in the afternoons after school for months; I confess that never before I felt so nerd in life, at that time those comfortable clothes were very uncomfortable; ironic but true. Years later I rediscovered the sweatpants and I think I would dress them in a casual day without codes; fortunately it is a style that goes very well with my creative graphic work.

Converse all star 70's vintage

Once I worn a converse pair of shoes, it was the first day that I entered the second semester of design; I was delighted with my “chucks” when I took them out of their box, so I put them and I walked very happy to the college; the charm lasted me until a classmate told me that they didn’t look good on my feet because I was wearing a big number, the worst of all was that I believed that comment. I remember that I had a drama in my head and daily I looked at him his little converse number 7 that he always wore, he was the king of that kind of shoes. For those nonsense of life I forgot the converse for a few years until one day standing in front of a shoes showcase I understood that a chuck in size 12 has more eyelets than a size 7! Really my big shoes were worth every dollar I paid.

Moda para Hombres

And finally I need to talk about the “Bum Bag” or fanny pack … I’ll just tell you that one in black leather is very essential and you’ll never know how useful it really is until you have it. For the most daring people there are even in neon color, synthetic, iridescent, etc.

Moral Tuition:
“There are memories that cannot be erased, they will be part of our existence. The most important thing is what we learn every day and the limitations and fears we overcome”

Question: Would you dare to wear this Pajama Look on a weekday?


Photography: @juanfelipe.visualclick

Look:   ASOS Sunglasses  :::  Diesel  S-tigg Shirt  :::  Urban Outfitters Baggy Pant  :::  Converse All Star 70’s Canvas  :::  Unknown BumBag  :::