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Estilo de calle moda hombres


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Thursday afternoon … It was the last day of August in Bogotá, it was sunny; A whole luck because The Biggest Star was helpful with us and the gray clouds didn’t paint the sky too much.

Between worries I got ready to go to a cocktail in The Retiro Mall (that night would be the Reward of the Sixth Illustration Contest of which I was a participant) so I was visiting the barber shop, then I asked for the neat suit and finally I verified the details for the things on that night would be great.

Before of anything I had a photoshoot with an unknown photografer… As often happens “The Time” is a little sympathetic character and it’s not very helpful in certain situations, because the more I accelerated my heartbeat it was as the time were running the clock hands as well. A lot of time passed then while “The Sun” was beginning to hide and I was still waiting to reach the destination, it was a traffic jam.

Estilo de calle moda hombres

At 4:45 PM I arrived… Juanfe was impatient waiting for me with his relaxed blonde hair, he had a faithful camera and a cool black outfit.

– “I introduced myself, I’m Ferch!” … with a naughty smile he answered me.

Immediately we began that persecution, the objective was to capture the golden hour in a great photoshoot to start the history of this blog. So we would need be on time at sunset.

Clutch cuero para hombre

The streets witnessed that odyssey … The noisy cars and motorcycles soon appeared, while a “streetstyle shooting” happened …. we invoked the nymph “Concentration” to forgot the rowdy drivers and don’t lost our magic and emotion.

We walked to setback to reach the sunset, Juanfe looked at me trying to decipher something, I barely held my breath … Suddenly the right moment arrived, the one indicated for the obturation, never before I had been … lights, camera and action.

Fotografía moda masculina

It was a profitable time, we got the photo before of 6:00 Pm; between laughs and talk we got so distracted and The time passed so fast again, sadly our appearance in the cocktail failed. At night I went home with a little sadness, curiosity about the winners and little certainty; it did not matter anymore, the outfit, the undone hair or the damaged white shoes.

The next day my phone rang … an agent told me that I won a Honorable Mention for my participation in the Illustration Contest, so I said to myself: – “Mission accomplished,” … I called to Juanfe to tell the new and he said: – “It was worth Chasing the Sun”

Moral Tuition:
“Pursuit your dreams… Don’t wait for the clock acceleration”


Photography: @juanfelipe.visualclick

Look:  Diesel J-de Blazer  :::  ZARA Yellow Clutch  :::  ASOS Cropped Pants  :::  ASOS Basic Tee  :::  Lacoste Sneakers  :::