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Moda masculina vintage en Bogotá


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Bogotá is a very “generic and simple destination for most” Ferch was one of those who thought that way but realized that life is about appreciating simple things and traveling will be always the best idea ever invented. All people reach a point where they are stagnant in the work, family or love; but the cure is simple as taking a suitcase, packing the clothes, finding any transportation and escaping (It’s just about being recursive and playing with creativity and Budget)

Moda y Estilo Varonil en Bogotá

Ferch was a guy like any other that a warmy August he wanted to open his personal blog to show himself to the world no matter what this would cause! But … OHH surprise! He was so delayed making the website that his eyes became crazy for seeing so much the screen. And when he finally ends the messy project, he decided to self-disconnect from the computer and go out to see real colors!

And guess what? … He went to the great city to visit the Queen in Bogotá.

Moda Masculina en Bogotá

Graffitis en Bogotá


The Candelaria is the QUEEN of museums, galleries, pubs, universities and the most historical places in Bogota. A good introspective and recommended plan by Ferch is to visit the Botero Museum and the Coins Home, the idea is attend it in solitary because sometimes it’s better to “observe” than to listen.

Galería de moda en la Candelaria

The Candelaria is tourist, educational and commercial; it has beautiful streets and walls as pure canvas with paintings that would hypnotize anyone. Also it has the gastronomic taverns, coffee shop, bookstores and a good visual style to walk around and explore.

Moda Masculina en Bogotá

If you are foreign or local and decide to travel to the Colombian capital please don’t forget to visit The Candelaria. It sure has inspired so many masterpieces of art, a new song, the script of some film and could even help you to compose your own story.

Graffitis en Bogotá

Street Paintings

Moral Tuition:
“No need for potions or magic to fix a problem; just travel, go out and meet… that will really help yourself”


Photography: @juanfelipe.visualclick

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