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Fashionista moda masculina Diesel


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In this fable the Fashion didn’t hide itself into a rose garden nor its blindness was caused by the thorns; the only thing that is true is that it has always been accompanied by Madness as a faithful companion.

Fashionista moda masculina Diesel

Madness caused by that “Fashion Blindness” that will surely incite you to get the latest trend no matter the cost, or an excessive obsession with a pair of shoes available only to buy in some distant country, madness to love more a good blue jean than your own dog , or madness for wanting to hang the photographer when you don’t like the result of the picture (ha ha ha ha)

Fashionista moda masculina Diesel

In many cases we are blind without knowing where the fashion takes us, but in spite of that craziness that in my case I prefer to call it “passion”, I think Fashion is a great tool that must be used to get the job of your dreams, to have the more beautiful memories of that trip or simply to get is to feel us better in our own skin finding an essence.

One of the things I really love about fashion is that everyone chooses what they like and makes it their own; fashion is subjective and gives the possibility of choosing. It’s natural to have shared tastes when a new trend is emerging, but what is most important is to express the personal seal. that individuality.

Fashionista moda masculina Diesel

Moral Tuition:
“If we all liked the same thing, our lives would not have fun”


Photography: @juanfelipe.visualclick

Storytelling: Ferch

Look:  Diesel Cavveo Cap  :::  Diesel J-edgea Jacket  :::  ASOS T-shirt  :::  Diesel  Tepphar 0679T Denim  :::  ALDO Sandals

Tell me if you’ve ever been obsessed with fashion? Share your opinion so we can all get to know you.