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Cómo viajar con estilo


By: Ferch

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It all started one Thursday morning where I was opening my email as usual, there I saw an unknown sender and as soon as I read it I knew I had found a treasure. It was not about a coffer full of coins, it was about of a culture, a movement, something to communicate and to remember.

Vestir un bolso de cuero

I was contacted by a legacy more than 15,000 kilometers away, and then I investigated its history and I didn’t hesitate to accept; feeling myself very excited because it was the first time this happened to me since the opening of my blog, a brand was writing to me for being an ambassador. MAHI Leather is an Indian company that adopted its name from the MAHI river, which is a sacred place for many people because in that country 103 million people lack drinking water

Men's Classic Duffel Bag

MAHI Leather manufactures handbags and accessories made of 100% high quality leather, under a traditional treatment and using vegetable dyes to avoid affecting the environment. The products are made in India thanks to the handwork of artisans who give a special value to each product, so one bag will never be the same as another.

Bolsos de cuero para Hombre

A great plus in the design of the bags, is to be able to obtain a personalized embroidery, which is chosen to engrave the initials or a small pseudonym on the piece, choosing between white, black or Brown options. When I had the bag in my hands I remember that the first impression was like “love at first sight”; see my pseudonym “ferch” on the bottom part honestly is something that I doesn’t change for nothing, a moment that stays with me and creates a certain fidelity with the brand.

Bolso viajero Masculino

Additionally, the most what motivated myself to say yes to MAHI, was the commitment that the company has with a charity; FrankWater is an English association that MAHI Leather supports, donating part of their earnings so that FW can provides safe drinking water to people with limited resources, not only in India where they have already saved the lives of many people, also at a worldwide through the associated NGO’s. That is something worth admiring, Frankwater and MAHI have the human sense and solidarity that many global brands lack; They are a good example for role models.

Leather Bag men's streetstyle

Fashion, environmental sustainability and a great charitable cause, are part of the mission of MAHI Leather, not only selling beautiful and fashionable bags, giving the possibility of help with invaluable purposes. For this Fable I wore the Classic Duffel Bag, a casual reference in dreamed brown vinatge leather with that rustic finish that is perfect for traveling and exploring new places, for a getaway on the weekend, or why not, if we are walking on the city an afternoon.

Moral Tuition:
“You doesn’t need magic or gold coins to provide something special, just know the feat of MAHI and you will have a great memory and bag to never forget”




Special Thanks:

Bag: @Mahileather, Thank You for this grand Opportunity.

My friends  @jnnr & @yuruva for Photography. @arlexcast Video Maker; without your help this would not been possible.

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